Welcome to Threaducate

Hello-World-working-copy1 The first post on a new blog always feels so momentous.  It feels like you have to get every word exactly right,  like if you lapse for a moment into a boring passage or a poor figure of speech,  future readers will be turned away forever,  disgusted with such a poor start.   Faced with a blank slate,  it seems like everything that comes hereafter hangs on this first post.

Except that this isn’t really the first post.

This is actually,  if we’re being precise,  post 584 in a blogging adventure that’s been going on since 2007,  albeit in another place.   In October of 2007,  EnMart’s first blog,  EmbroideryTalk,  made its debut.   In the years that followed,  EmbroideryTalk chronicled the changes and growth that EnMart experienced.   That blog was where we announced we were adding sublimation and quilting thread to our product offerings.     It’s where we did series of posts that allowed for an in depth examination of things like stabilizer or blank patches.  For 8 years,  that blog was our home and a good one,  but like all things that grow we eventually got too big for that space and needed to expand.

Threaducate is our expansion.

Along with SubliStuff,  which will still be the home of our sublimation discussions,  Threaducate is now the place where we educate,  inform and entertain those who are interested in the threads we sell,  and want to know how best to use them and the supplies that are auxiliary to the thread. Whether it’s machine embroideryhand embroidery, craft threads,  crochet threadsquilting threads or some thread we haven’t foreseen we’ll be carrying some day,  this is now the place where we’ll be talking about all the threads and auxiliary products we carry and giving you information on how to get the most out of using them.

As I said in 2007,  when I wrote the first post for Embroidery Talk –

In the posts to come you will find hints, tips, stories and opinions. We think of this blog as the beginning of a conversation. We’ll talk and, hopefully, you’ll talk back. We encourage discussion and questions, and will do our best to be a useful resource.

In 2015,  everything I wrote in 2007 still holds true.

Welcome to Threaducate.

We’re glad you decided to join us.

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