Ideas for Selling Embroiderable Stuffed Animals

Courtesy of Strikke Knits

Whenever you see a picture of an embroidered stuffed animal,  it is primarily shown in the arms of a delighted looking child,  or placed near the crib or seat of a cute as a button baby.  Since these are stuffed animals,  it isn’t all that odd that many people who sell them tend to think of babies and children, or the parents of the babies and children,  as a natural market. The problem starts when that market is thought of as the only market for these animals.  Embroiderable stuffed animals are far more versatile than most people realize.   Here are some other ways they can be used.

Like the adorable penguin in the picture above,  stuffed animals can be embroidered with the names and dates of local festivals.  There are enough different types of animals that one of them should be able to be made to fit the theme of the event for which they would be made. If a festival happens every year,  it could be a fun idea to have a new animal for every year,  so frequent festival goers can form their own collections.  Since almost every town or city has at least one festival of some kind during the year,  this could potentially be a very lucrative market.

Local attractions or businesses are another great market for these adorable embroiderables.  A lion or an elephant for a local zoo seems like a no brainer,  but what about an owl for a local college (an animal that’s supposed to be wise and learned) or a hedgehog for a local self defense class ( hedgehogs are supposed to be calm and collected and know how to protect themselves in a crisis).  The trick is to come up with a connection between the animals and the attraction or business in question.

Don’t underestimate the value of these using these animals as advertisements as well.  The body that surrounds the stuffing pod inside the animal is large enough to hold a variety of items,  or even to hold a hot or cold pack to soothe a child’s injury.   If you know of a snack mix or candy that uses a particular animal as a theme,  you might sell them animals embroidered with the company logo that also hold a sweet or savory surprise.  Pediatricians might love animals embroidered with the name of their practice and equipped with a reusable hot or cold pack to put on little sprained ankles or broken arms.  An embroiderable stuffed animal is also an advertisement that keeps on working,  since most people will keep the animal much after its initial use has expired.

Finally,  don’t forget these cuddly animals are perfect for holidays and life events.  Embroidered stockings will be hung by the chimney with even more care. An embroidered reindeer is an adorable memento of baby’s first Christmas.  A bear with “I love you” embroidered on his stomach is a great way to deliver an engagement ring or a Valentine’s gift.  An embroidered duck makes a perfect addition to an Easter basket.  An owl embroidered with a high school or college logo and graduation date could make a lovely keepsake for a new graduate.


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