Featured Friday: 11/20/2015

iStock_000012611933MediumThis is the inaugural Featured Friday for the new blog,  so I thought, first,  I would remind people that Featured Friday is really just a renamed import from the old blog.   On EmbroideryTalk,  Featured Friday was called The Friday Blog Round-Up,  but regardless of what it’s called on either blog,  the idea behind it remains the same.   This post is where I gather up the best ideas,  tips and hints, and blogs posts I’ve seen lately and share them with you.

First up,  we have a post by Joyce Jagger,  detailing why watching your machine do a sew out can help your business and shorten your production cycle.  This post details a lot of small issues for which you should watch and explains why noting these issues and fixing them is important.

Second on the list and bringing some holiday cheer,   we have a post from Stahls with 10 holiday gift ideas.   I think my favorite is the Ho cubed sweatshirt,  although it took me a minute to get the joke.   I’m a writer,  not a mathematician,  so I forgive myself for not getting the math joke right away.

Third at bat is a post from StitchWork about how to run a successful family business.  Since EnMart and its parent company, Ensign Emblem,  are family businesses,  this article made a lot of sense to me.  Although I am not a member of the founding family,  I’ve seen how the owners of Ensign and EnMart negotiate working with relatives and keep family time and business time separate.   I think the tips in this article are spot on.

Fourth on the docket is not just one post,  but a series.  Anyone who has read the previous incarnation of Featured Friday knows how much I love Urban Threads designs.   This year they’ve created an entire gift guide which details gifts you can make for the different people in your life.  Definitely some fun ideas on the list already,  and it will only grow as the weeks go on.

Fifth in the rotation is a post from Peter Shankman about networking and how most people are doing it wrong.  I like the idea of approaching networking with a “what can I do for you” mindset instead of wondering “what can everyone do for me”.   This is a good article for everyone to read, because we’re all networking all the time, whether we realize it or not.

Finally,  we have a post tailor made for the marketer in me,  that asks a good question,  what do you want your content to do.  Sometimes we get so caught up in creating content that we forget to think about the message we want that content to send and the response we hope that content will get.   This post is a great reminder that just creating content isn’t enough,  we need to consider our intent too.

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