Marketing Monday: Publicizing Properly Pays

megaphoneThere’s an old saying “any publicity is good publicity”  which some people take to be truth but which is really quite misleading.   Yes, word of mouth,  advertisements,  press releases, posts on social media and other forms of publicity can help drive sales and raise awareness of your business,  but poorly done publicity generally will not help and may do your business harm.

The truth of the matter is that publicity that is well done can be a great help, both in boosting the notoriety of a business and in boosting sales.   The opposite is true of poorly done publicity.   This sort of publicity tends to reflect badly on a business,  or may be entirely ignored by venues that might otherwise be helpful in spreading the word.   If you want to be sure that your publicity helps and not harms your business,  here are a few things to keep in mind.

Quality Counts – Whether it’s photos or white papers or a press release,  make sure everything you put out is the best quality it can be.  Poorly done,  out of focus photos,  or poorly written press releases or social media posts make it look like you don’t care or you’re not paying attention.   From a customer’s point of view,  putting out poor quality work on your own behalf may make them wonder what kind of work you will produce for them.

Learn the Proper Formats – There are established formats for things like press releases.  Take the time to learn how to write such things properly.  Templates are generally available online,  and the formats have most likely been established as they are for a reason.   Following the formats makes it easier for those who might want to use or read your content to be able to do so.

Make Connections – Sending a press release to “Editor” may get it noticed,  but sending a press release to a specific editor will get it read.   Take the time to do the research and find out to whom you should be sending press releases or ideas for stories.  Once you find out to whom such things are properly addressed,  you can also make connections with those people on social media.   Don’t underestimate the value of having a friend at a magazine or television or radio station.

Keep Trying – Every press release you write and send will not get used.   You may not get any comments on the blog post over which you’ve slaved.   The perfectly crafted social media post that made you laugh for an hour may attract no attention at all.   Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition out there for the same audience you’re trying to attract.   Your goal is to build a loyal following and to generate more engagement today than you did yesterday.

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