Featured Friday 1/22/16

iStock_000012611933MediumI’d like to make these posts more of a regular thing but,  when I think about it, I realize that having them appear once in a while is more effective.   If I wait and save up all the good stuff I’ve seen and read,  the posts have more force when I finally make them live.   See,  there is a method to my madness.  (Insert evil laugh here).

First up this week is a great post from All Things Embroidery about sticking to the rules you’ve made for your business.  Chances are that those rules were made for a reason and most likely are in place to help you avoid stress and extra work.   It’s tempting to bend or break the rules,  especially when a customer is pressing you to do so,  but the rules are there for a reason.  This year,  resolve to remember that,  and keep to the rules you have in place.

Second on the list is a great post from Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog about getting your embroidery space organized.   I’m sure this is something that is on everyone’s list,  but it’s often tough to know where to start.   This post gives some good ideas for where to start organizing,  and how to go about it.

Third on the docket,  caps can be a profit center for many businesses,  but embroidering them isn’t always easy.   Joyce Jagger offers 9 rules for easy cap embroidery which will help make embroidering hats a simpler task.  All the tips are good,  but I think the one I like best is the one about always using cap backing when embroidering a hat. I’ve seen hat embroidery turn out poorly because the stabilizer wasn’t heavy enough for the job.  If you’re working with hats,  this post is definitely worth a read.

Fourth at bat is a terrific post from Retail Minded that asks “What is Your Company’s Customer Service Persona“? The post outlines five customer service approaches and details the strengths and weaknesses of each.  If you see yourself or your company in one of these personas,  it might be a good idea to take a minute and see if the analysis of strengths and weaknesses match up to your experiences.

Fifth in the rotation is a post from John Michael Morgan spotlighting 10 books every leader needs to read.  I’ve heard of most of these books,  but haven’t read them myself,  so I guess my reading list has just gained a few more entries.   If any of you have read any of the books on the list,  comment and let us know whether or not they were helpful.


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