Featured Friday 6/10/16

iStock_000012611933MediumIt’s been a while since we’ve had a Featured Friday post,  so I figured today was a good day to do one. I have some new, good information to share with you,  so let’s get to it.

First up is a post from Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog about how to handle rush orders.  A rush order can create stress in a shop,  but it can also be profitable, and a great way to build credibility and gratitude with a business owner or event runner,  if you can get their order to them quickly.   The blog post makes good points,  one being this,  make sure to get all information in writing,  not over the phone.   When people are in a hurry, they make mistakes,  so having things in writing protects both parties.

Second on the docket is a post from Retail Minded about the new overtime rule and how it may impact businesses.  The focus of the article is retail stores,  but the advice it gives would apply equally well to decoration businesses.  I think the best advice in the piece is to start dealing with this now,  so your business isn’t blindsided in December.

Third at bat,  although I don’t usually promote my own writing in this series,  is a post I wrote for our sister blog, SubliStuff, about how to sublimate a Cubbie.  We’ve tried the process and know it isn’t that difficult to do.   It also may add another profit center to your business. We are also in the process of having some decorators test rhinestones and vinyl on Cubbies.  We’ll share the results of those tests when we have them.

Fourth on the list is a post from The Bling Blog by Sparkle Plenty which details 10 rules for working with your spouse.  I know of a lot of decoration businesses that are run by families or spouses, and it is a special kind of balancing act.  This post gives some good tips on how to keep work at work,  and how to make sure the business doesn’t take over the entire relationship.

Finally,  we have a post from the UnMarketing Blog about the fact that anything you put on social media,  whether you say it is personal and not in any way connected to your company or not,  reflects on your company.   That certainly is true for anyone who owns a company,  and often applies to employees as well.  It’s lovely to think that a small disclaimer can make personal and business separate,  but it can’t and it won’t.   The best way to handle this is to assume everything you say reflects on the business you work for,  and speak accordingly.   If you don’t choose to do that,  then be prepared for the consequences if you say something you shouldn’t, because there will be some.

Last but not least,  another plug for EnMart,  but it involves a really good sale,  so you don’t want to miss it.   We’re currently running a special on our sublimation systems for the month of June.  We’re offering free ink,  a sale on bypass trays and more.   If you’re thinking of buying a sublimation system it’s definitely worth check out.

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