Time Travel Tuesday: What’s Ahead for 2017

time-travel-2One of the fun things about time travel is the fact that it goes in both directions.   Today I thought we’d take a moment to look at some things that are coming up in 2017.   Here’s some of what the future holds for EnMart.

New Products – We are preparing to introduce a new line of products at the Creativation Show in Phoenix in January.   We’re in booth #619.   If you’re at the show,  stop by and see what EnMart and Iris Thread have to offer!

New Look for the Website – EnMart is working on a redesign of our website for 2017.  Some of the redesign will be appearance related,  some will be functionality related.   We’re excited about making our website easier to use and creating a look that reflects the EnMart experience.

We’ll be Traveling – Currently our list of scheduled trade shows for 2017 includes the VDTA Show and all three DAX Shows as well as the Creativation Show listed above.   At the DAX Shows,  as usual, we’ll have a wide variety of products for sale in our booth.   We look forward to seeing everyone at these shows.

Educational Efforts –  We’ve scouted a great location we think will be useful for some quilting videos.   There are plans in the works to do some series posts on this blog,  discussing things like backing or types of thread.  We have some other ideas as well,  so it should be an exciting and educational year.

Mostly,  we’re just excited about the plans we have for the upcoming year, and all the great things we’re going to do.   We’re also very grateful to those of you who have supported us in 2016.   Whether it was stopping by our booth at a trade show,  purchasing something from our website,  leaving us a review on our website or on Facebook,  or simply taking a moment to let us know that you appreciate what we do,  we’re glad you’ve spent a bit of your time with EnMart.   Thank you.



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