Featured Friday: Inspiration, Information, Instruction

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so for those who aren’t familiar with the concept,  “Featured Friday”  is a reincarnation of the “Friday Blog Round-Up”  which came from the EmbroideryTalk Blog and basically was a post where I linked to interesting items I’d found that I thought would be helpful to our readers.  “Featured Friday”  allows me to share all the neat stuff I find with all of you and hopefully provoke some discussion or new projects you can share with us all.

First up,  some tips on optimizing your production space for all you people who offer sublimated goods.  As we all know a well organized and regulated shop will often have a higher production rate than one that has to search for supplies,  or work in a disorganized mess.  These tips will help you get the most out of your workspace and your supplies.

Second on the list,  an introduction to a quilting technique that may seem quite familiar to some machine embroiderers.   The technique is called trapunto.  It involves two layers of fabric are embellished with hand stitching and then wool batting, cords or yarn are inserted between the two layers creating a raised surface.   The result looks very like 3D embroidery.   You can see examples of this type of work and get some instructions on creating the effect at the CME Blog.

Third at bat,  a post from Erich Campbell,  discussing that age old problem,  what to charge.   He approaches the issue from a different way in this blog post,  pointing out ways to make your embroidered product stand out or how to increase the product’s perceived value.  The approach makes a lot of sense,  and could be very helpful to those who are struggling with how to justify the prices they charge.

Fourth at the plate,  a post from Peter Shankman on why fear can be good for you.  No,  he’s not talking about fear of snakes or alligators or psycho killers approaching your shower,  he’s talking about the type of fear that stops you from giving a speech,  or approaching the new business prospect or buying that new piece of equipment.   Fear of that type,  according to Shankman,  is a sign you should go forward,  and serves to keep you sharp and focused on your goal.  It’s a good way to think about this type of fear, and may be a way to get past it,  and move toward your goals.

And finally,  just because it’s fun,  an ode to screenprinting written by Marshall Atkinson.  First it was my “Night Before Christmas” sublimation parody,  who knows what will be next.  An embroidery epic?  A rhinestone rant?

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