About EnMart and Threaducate


EnMart is the premiere supplier of thread, ink,  and other garment decoration supplies and accessories. Based in the United States, we search the world to bring you the best embroidery and embellishment products available.   EnMart has 4 locations across the United States,  Michigan, California,  Georgia and New Jersey.

We offer a complete line of supplies for those who work with thread,  whether it’s machine embroiderers, quilters, hand embroiderers,  those who crochet or crafters.  Whether you’re working from a brick and mortar shop or you’re operating from your home,  EnMart has the supplies you need. The items we offer include:

  • Hilos Iris Thread
  • Geo. Knight Heat Presses
  • Backing
  • Bobbins
  • Pearl Cotton
  • Nylon craft thread
  • Hand embroidery floss
  • Cotton quilting thread

You can learn more about EnMart here.

Threaducate is one of the EnMart blogs. (For sublimation information,  visit our sister blog – Sublistuff.) This blog is our way to connect with and talk to the community of crafters, quilters and embroiderers who use our products.

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