What Can You Make with Vinyl?

Photo courtesy of Siser NA

As many of you may already know,  EnMart has started selling heat transfer vinyl.  We’re excited about this new product line because it gives our customers yet another decoration option,  and the opportunity to fill all their decoration needs in one place.   We do know,  however,  that we now offer an embarrassment of choices when it comes to decoration options and sometimes it’s hard to know what you want to do.   To help you deal with this problem,  we decided to create some blog posts talking about the various things you can do with the particular products we sell.

Let’s start with the EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl.  EasyWeed applies at a lower temperature than other vinyls,  can be hot or cold peeled and is slightly thinner than other vinyls on the market.   That makes it ideal for things like this cute set of his and her pillowcases.  If pillowcases aren’t your jam,  a blaze orange beanie for the hunter in your life might do the trick.  Keep him or her safe and stylish all at the same time.

A fun way to change things up when it comes to vinyl is EasyWeed Electric,  which offers vibrant colors and a pearlescent metallic sheen.   This is the perfect vinyl for when you want to attract a little notice, without being too over the top.  Using this vinyl,  you can show your eco-friendly cred and make this upcycled Earth Day tote bag.  Or,  if baby’s first Thanksgiving needs a little more sparkle,  you can create this adorable bib and onsie set.

We all know a little sparkle is the spice of life,  and EasyWeed Glitter is a great way to add visual interest without creating a mess.   No small pieces of glitter ending up anywhere,  no sequins to shed,  just pure,  unadulterated attention getting sparkle.  Jazz up the most boring of items, an elbow patch,  with a little extra glitter. Decorate a canvas with HTV Glitter and create your own work of shiny art.

You can also take your vinyl to the next century with the Holographic HTV.  This vinyl has color changing chips which give designs an extra bit of dimension and depth.  It’s perfect for celebrating a milestone,  like a graduation,  by decorating your mortarboard.   You can also add bling to almost any item by creating our own glitter rhinestones.

The one thing to remember about vinyl is that it’s very adaptable and not just for garments.   You can put the vinyl products EnMart sells on wood, on table runners made of burlap,  or even on faux leather.   The only limit is your imagination.

And remember,  at EnMart,  we want you to have it your way when it comes to vinyl.  That’s why we sell vinyl by the yard,  so you can orders as much or as little as you need for your project.   We are also always open to ideas for products we should stock.   If you’re looking for a particular vinyl you don’t see on our site,  contact us and let us know.

Welcome to the New EnMart Website

Have you ever had that experience where you redecorate your house and for the first few days you bump into the coffee table because it isn’t where it used to be?  Things are familiar, yet different.   That’s a bit what creating our new website has been like. All the things you love about EnMart are still here, some of them just may be in different places.     And we’ve added some new features that are designed to make shopping with us easier and more fun.

One new thing is the Patch Designer, a tool that allows you to see your color choices in real time before you make your purchase.   Wondering if aqua and pink works better than navy and red?   This tool will tell you.    Another tool we’re excited about is the Thread Color Selector.   You pick a hue from the color chart and the selector shows you the Iris threads that are the closest match.   If you want to purchase, you simply click the color chip for the color you want and it adds to your cart.   Add in our redesigned Thread Conversion Engine and you’ve got a great system for finding or converting thread colors, all created to make your shopping experience more stress free and streamlined.

You may notice that the website navigation is different too.   Our menus have been redesigned to assist our customers in quickly finding what they need.  Also, did we mention we’ve added vinyl to our product offerings?  We know a lot of our customers are multi-hyphenates, embroiderers-sublimators-quilters or sublimators – crafters or some other combination.   Adding vinyl to the products we offer means we’re that much more of a one stop shop for our customers who work in more than one decoration discipline.

Finally,  there’s the new logo.   A more modern take on the EnMart name,  while still keeping a bit of the flavor of the old logo.   We think it’s a great fit with the new look of the website and for the way EnMart has evolved.

Welcome to the new EnMart.   Thank you for shopping with us.

How To: Vinyl and Rhinestones on a Cubbie

Please note:  The manufacturer of Cubbies does not recommend that Cubbies be used for anything except embroidery.   This was an experiment that an EnMart customer did that we wanted to share with you.

WeIMG_3897 have long maintained that Cubbies are about a lot more than just birth announcements and can be decorated in a variety of ways,  some of which don’t involve thread.  Today we’re going to prove that to you,  by featuring a Cream Dumble,  decorated by Brandi Womack of MommaWombatCreations.   This adorable little guy is decorated with both rhinestones and vinyl.  Best of all, Brandi provided us with some hints and tips on how you can create your own decorated Dumble or other Cubbie, using these materials.

The infinity heart was a design that Brandi created herself,  because she couldn’t find an existing design that she liked.  At first the heart and the infinity symbol were intended to both be vinyl,  but Brandi decided to add a little bling to the design by creating the infinity symbol from rhinestones instead.   Templates were created using a Silhouette Cameo.   Sticky flock with hotflex tape was used for the rhinestone template.  The vinyl is Siser Easyweed.  The vinyl was pressed to the ear using a heat press set at 310 degrees.  It only needed to be tacked in place, so it was only pressed for a few seconds.  The rhinestones required that the temperature on the heat press be bumped up to 325 degrees and required a press time of 25 seconds.

The other ear has a vinyl monogram featuring the initials of both Brandi and her husband.It was created offset in two layers.  It was pressed at 310 degrees to tack it into place and then pressed for a full 22 seconds to secure it to the Dumble.  Please keep in mind that pressing temperatures will vary based on the type of vinyl used for the project.

Finally,  Brandi added the jaunty bow around Mr. Dumble’s neck as the finishing touch.   The bow was created using ribbon and floral wire.   The first step was to fold the ribbon end over end and then twisting floral wire around the middle of the folded ribbon to hold the bundle together.  Then the ribbon was fluffed until it achieved the desired fullness.  After that,  a longer piece was cut to go around the Dumble’s neck,  using a noose like loop.   Additional floral wire secured the bow to the loop for the neck.  The wire was trimmed as short as it could be to match the length of the ribbons. Once the wire was trimmed,  the bow was slipped over the neck,  and the ends of the ribbon were trimmed to a length that suited the size of the Dumble.

This is a great design for an anniversary or wedding gift,  and would be a treasured memento for any couple.   It also goes to show that vinyl and rhinestones can be an elegant way to decorate a Cubbie.

To see more of Brandi Womack’s work,  visit MommaWombatCreations on Facebook.